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Black Friday show report

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For those interested, I’ll do a short report. I set up at the Black Friday show, hosted by Fidelity, in Tulsa Ok. This was the 10th year of the show, and it seems like it is getting better each time. Friday is always the busiest, but Saturday wasn’t a complete downer, as traffic was steady from 9 until about 1 pm. Crickets after 2 though. Friday the show opens at noon, and it was steady until 30 min before close. Some highlights.

Plenty of younger folks wheeling and dealing (16-20 year olds). Literally. Did a bunch of business with them! :)
Mid-age 30/40 collectors present, but def those 50+ were the strongest (in number) in attendance.
Diversity was interesting, with plenty of walks of life participating.
Met a ton of interesting folks, as usual.
Collector coins (mid-grade 62-65) in dollars were hot. Copper also had a bunch of interest.
Gold sales were slow around the bourse from what I heard. I only sold 2 small gold pieces.
Silver bullion was also slow. Pandas were $33/34, common rounds $25-28, ASEs $30/31. Didn’t see much moving.
US mint morgans (2021) were hot, with the CC and Peace flying out the door on strong prices (ungraded).
CAC coins virtually non-existent. I think I had 40% of them in my cases (4). 2 of them sold quickly.

I had an interesting coin offered to me, a 89cc in xf45. I was presented a good price on it, but was worried that it would be a tough sell due to some black spots (see photo). Anyway, I decided it was a good deal in the hotter Morgan market so took the dive. Much to my surprise, I only rented it for an hour before it ran off with another collector! Goodness me!

Ok, here’s the coin, and a few shots of the cases!


Dead people tell interesting tales.


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