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"The Best Error Known" per Fred Weinberg - 1886 Morgan Die Cap at Great Collections/Mint Error News

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The 1886 Brand-Carter Morgan Dollar Die Cap Error has been called:

  • "the best error known" by @FredWeinberg
  • "king of the series" and "the most spectacular Morgan dollar error of all time" by John Dannreuther.

I love die caps and apparently so did Amon Carter as this was one of his favorite coins. This coin simply looks stunning.

This coin is coming to auction at GC and has been published in Mint Error News which has a short quote from our own @ianrussell and @FredWeinberg:


@ianrussell said:
We are so privileged to be auctioning this important error coin. Back when I first met preeminent error expert Fred Weinberg about 18 years ago, I had asked him what he considered the best U.S. error coins to be. Our hour-long conversation about the top few error coins included discussion about this very coin. At the time, Fred had not seen the coin in over 35 years, yet he remembered it as if it was yesterday.
@FredWeinberg said:
The 1886 Die Cap is the first major error coin that I specifically remember from 1967, that I did not see again until the Portland ANA, March 2015. At the 1967 Error-A-Rama Coin Show, a dealer by the name of Roy Gray priced the coin at $1,000 - a huge number for any type of error coin, including 1943 Copper Cents.
@ianrussell said:
Mr. Carter owned some of the most revered coins and banknotes in numismatics, and for this 1886 Morgan Die Cap Error to be one of his personal favorites speaks volumes about the coin's importance. Prior to Carter, it was also part of the Virgil Brand collection.

The article goes on to talk about Amon Carter:

Mint Error News wrote:
Amon G. Carter, Jr. (1919-1982) assembled one of the finest and most complete collections of U.S. coins and paper money ever assembled. His collection included major rarities such as the 1794 Silver Dollar graded PCGS SP-66, the first coin to sell for over $10 million in auction, not to mention an 1804 Silver Dollar, 1870-S Silver Dollar, 1884 & 1885 Proof Trade Dollars among many other major rarities. GreatCollections recently sold another famous coin from the Carter Collection, the unique 1855 $20 Wass-Molitor Large Head graded PCGS AU-50 CAC which realized $568,125.

... but of course I'm a huge fan of Virgil Brand, so this has to be the Brand-Carter coin to me.

... and of course, there is another famous Brand-Carter coin, the 1794 silver plug dollar!

Not only is this coin featured in Mint Error News, it has an article in the Numismatist and a video interview with @FredWeinberg in CoinWeek's "COOL COINS! ANA National Money Show Portland"

A few questions:

  1. Where is this on the 100 Greatest Errors list?
  2. Where do people think this will end up price wise?

1886 Morgan Dollar - Obverse Die Cap Mint Error - PCGS MS64 - Ex. Virgil Michael Brand; Amon Giles Carter Sr.



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