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Shout Out to jmlanzaf for Forum Citizenship

AkbeezAkbeez Posts: 2,686 ✭✭✭✭✭

Thank you sir for coming through on your offer back in February, to help his fellow forumoids get a certain Mint product that sold-out very quickly -- AT COST. Hat's off to you @jmlanzaf !

Refs: MCM,Fivecents,Julio,Robman,Endzone,Coiny,Agentjim007,Musky1011,holeinone1972,Tdec1000,Type2,bumanchu, Metalsman,Wondercoin,Pitboss,Tomohawk,carew4me,segoja,thebigeng,jlc_coin,mbogoman,sportsmod,dragon,tychojoe,Schmitz7,claychaser,and many OTHERS


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