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WTB - I need YOUR help - 1946 Propagandas Montiel

First, if you clicked the link, thank you. I really do need your help because I’ve reached a dead end. I’m looking for needles in haystacks and I am out of haystacks to search!

The 1946 Propagandas Montiel Los Reyes del Deporte set is a beast. I’ve been working on it for years and I still need 10-11 cards to complete it. That range is because I’m not sure one exists:

90 Oswald Bluege (may not exist)
92 Buddy Lewis
95 Sherrard Robertson
100 Borrest Smith
144 Jack Sweeting
145 Bill Wixted
165 Bill Lewis
171 Jackie Myer
177 Paul Waner
179 John Sabatie
180 John Maire

How’s that for a collection of players? Obscure players from obscure sets are a real challenge so if you’re still reading, please, Please, PLEASE go shake some trees for me? Call a dealer you know, email a friend, check your own boxes and help me finish this one off, fellas.

The cards from 1-101 resemble these:

The cards from 102-180 resemble these:

The cards I need fill these holes:

Thanks for your help; I look forward to your PMs!

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