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Hello All!
My name is Kurt and this is actually my first post. I picked up some nice coins that are in PCI slabs and I was wondering if anyone knows any of the span of numbers when they actually were a reputable company. (so I hear anyways). I read about the whole indictment with the owner and how it destroyed the company, but I also heard they did ok at some point.

Can anyone help me see if I have any slabs during that period, and if so, maybe check the accuracy of some of these grades?

Thanks a bunch!


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    PCGS and NGC are the best. ANACS and ICG are like a second tier to me. Anything else, I I would look closely at as I don't trust the grades on them 100%. In realty, all graded coins should be look at closely but I trust PCGS and NGC the most.

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    Welcome to the boards! PCI did a good job of grading at one point IMO. The Photo-Certified holders seem to always command a premium and the green label ones also but depends on the coin in those. Green Label can be accurately or even undergraded, I have successfully crossed several over to PCGS in the same or higher grade but I have also had a couple that would not have crossed IMO at the same grade. The more recent slabs such as gold label can be a little suspect when thinking about crossing to our hosts or another top tier TPG. I have a couple PCI gold label 70's that would not cross.

    Here is a link to the PCI page on SampleSlabs.com...maybe it can provide you with a little more information about them. As always photos of the coins would be helpful!



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    The older green label holder examples with a 10 digit serial number on the back were generally well graded, sometimes even conservatively so. Sometimes coins will tone in these PCI holders, early on they would even grade some coins as "100% White" or "50% Toned" or "PQ" these holders are neat, although sometimes a 100% white coin is now toned and makes the holder all the more interesting. Also keep an eye out for what look like PCI holders that are really Hallmark which used the holder before PCI acquired the design. Those are keepers for sure, with a significant slab collector premium.

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