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A few more NEWPs from WAG

TwoKopeikiTwoKopeiki Posts: 8,481 ✭✭✭✭✭
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A few months back I posted my win from WAG - a nice 1793 Mexico 8 Reales with full luster and a touch of color. Well, this morning at 4am EST i won 2 more 8 Reales from the same collection. First one is a drop-dead gorgeous Guatemala Mint 8 Reales and the other one is a colorful 1810/09 Mexico over-date.

Loved dealing with Mr Moritz Pater at WAG. Super helpful and even agreed to provide videos via WhatsApp of the lots I was interested in. Excited to get these 2 in-hand and yes, I'll be going the FedEx route after reading the horror stories about containers full of packages taking 40+ days at sea.

You're more than welcome to guess the grade. I'll be sending these to PCGS with my next submission. In fact, i haven't given away an 8 Reales in a while, so i'll probably do a gtg-based giveaway with my next sub.

1798 Guatemala:

1810/09 Mexico:

And here's the 1793 from a few months back:


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