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Have you ever bought a whole collection of coins, just to get one or two coins?

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When I was buying coins in the early 1980's (silver rush era) , i went to a guys house to buy his collection. I went through all his coins, took about an hour. I was only going to break about even on the deal, as the guy knew the silver market. I was going to turn down the deal when I looked at his peace dollar album, just run of the mill stuff for the most part. The very last coin that I looked at was a 1934-S peace dollar in AU-Unc. condition. A 1934-S Peace dollar in this condition was worth about $600 at the time. He wanted $18.00 each for the silver dollars.(All or none type deal). So I bought the whole collection just to get the 1934-S peace dollar. I broke even on the rest of the collection and the 1934-S peace dollar was my profit. A dealer friend sold it for me later for $600.



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