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I've never had a card graded before because frankly I haven't had anything that valuable, until recently. I purchased a box of miscellaneous cards at a garage sale and hit what I think is a substantial find, a 2000 Tom Brady Donruss season stat line out of 20. After searching online I was only able to find this card selling once, at an auction site a couple years ago. My question is if I intend to sell this card should I first have it graded? It has what looks like a print line going across it, but it's exactly the same print line on the card I saw which graded BGS 8.5 so maybe all 20 of these cards have that print line?


  • I'm fairly new as well. I would do your research first. I would check ebay prices and look at auctions sold. You can see what Raws sell for and compare it against graded cards as well. I believe graded cards usually have the most value overall but it probably depends on the rarity of the card. I have also heard that certain types of cards don't grade well overall.

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    Wait till after Christmas so things are not so backed up in the post office I would say late January 2021 before sending it to be graded. Insure it both ways with tracking. PSA is your best bet.

  • I would say that a card like that should almost always be graded first. If you can post scans of the card, there are a lot of very knowledgeable collectors here that will be glad to give you their insights. Congrats on what sounds like a great pick up!

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    welcome aboard.

    def grade. to protect yourself both on the sale and to ensure you're not unknowingly trying to sale a fake card. heck of a find though! hooked for life if it pans out.


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  • lbcoach20lbcoach20 Posts: 750 ✭✭✭

    I don’t know which one you have, but looking at the prices for this card, you absolutely need to grade it before selling it. It’s a valuable card and a great score for you. As such, I believe you may need to consign for maximum return. First step is to grade it. Good luck and congratulations on a great find!

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