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CNN: "New homeowners found coins worth $25,000 in a drawer -- and then gave them back"

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What would you have done?

By David Williams, CNN

James and Clarrisa Munford say they never considered keeping the dozens of gold and silver coins they found in a drawer
in their new house.

(CNN)A South Carolina couple found a forgotten treasure while settling into their new home -- dozens of gold and silver coins worth thousands of dollars. James Munford was checking out the built-in drawers in his closet last month, when he found two cases holding 46 gold Liberty $5 coins and 18 Morgan silver dollars that were made in the 1800s.

He texted pictures of the coins to the home's former owner and made arrangements to return them.
"I was just thinking, you know, they're not mine. They're probably a family heirloom, so I'm gonna go ahead and make sure he gets them back," Munford said.
"We really didn't know anything about the value of the coins. We really didn't care, to be honest with you, we knew they were his," said Clarrisa Munford, who runs a catering business.
The home's previous owner, who asked not to be named, estimated that the coins were worth about $25,000.

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