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Please Post A Nice Coin In A PCGS OGH (Old Green Label Holder, No Rattlers)

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Thread guidelines:

  1. Old Green Holders are primarily Gen 3.0 and 3.1 (reference link below list).
  2. Gen 2.X (including doilies) are acceptable for posting.
  3. Please do not post Gen 1.X (rattler) holders.
  4. Please post a maximum of one (1) coin every 24 hours to the thread.
  5. Thank you!


The old green label PCGS holders have always been my favorite from an aesthetic perspective. Also, several of my personal favorite coins are housed in them. The only time I've ever cracked one out was when there was a long crack in the plastic directly over the obverse of the coin.

So let's see some nice OGH coins. If there's a story behind its acquisition, feel free to tell it. But please no retro green labels in this thread.

I'll start it off with this New Rochelle that I've owned for probably fifteen years or so. I was attending a Long Beach show and was heading for the exit when I walked by Larry Shepherd's table and had a last look at the eye candy in his case. This commemorative really jumped out at me, but he was asking almost 50% over sheet and after mulling it over for a few minutes, I decided to pass. Can't remember if I was all the way out of the bourse before I said "s*rew it, I want that coin", turned around and went back to buy it. I've certainly gotten my money's worth in enjoyment over the years since, and have never once regretted the purchase.



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