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FS From VDBCoins.com: Gorgeously Toned British Coins and Conder Tokens

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We are offering here and on our site (same terms and prices) an extensive selection of British coins, Conder tokens, and one remaining Betts medal, all chosen for their excellent-quality surfaces, reasonable pricing, considerable historicity, and high quotient of gorgeousitousness (unless you are @ricko ). Regular PayPal is fine, or snail-mail checks are fine as well. No sales tax unless you live in Virginia and buy <$1000. Free shipping over $99. No-hassle 7-day returns for any reason.

About Us: We at VDBCoins have been around for a long time; in fact, we just got the Ancient Member badge on this forum. Y'all trying to tell us something? ;) You can be assured of a pleasant, pain-free transaction every time, and we ship via USPS next business day after funds clear.

We hope you find something you like, and you can buy here or easily through our website, as you wish. But if nothing else, we hope you enjoy reading our descriptions and admiring some phenomenal, vastly underrated coins. UPDATE 7/18: In the Conder tokens section, we've added a nice bronzed proof 1791 Druid-Parys Mine Co. classic token.

WE'VE EDITED this to include only the coins still available and not spoken for. Some are also on eBay (at higher prices, of course) but are still getting some interest here.

And we wish you long days and pleasant nights. Kind regards, George / VDBCoins.com

Great Britain 1887 Jubilee Head Double Florin MS65 NGC, Arabic 1, S-3923 Gorgeous Gem! KM-763. $695
A nice complement to the 1887 Jubilee Head one florin (now sold) we purchased from the same collection. This is a lovely Gem-certified NGC example. The NGC certification number is 3804200-002. NGC Population: 9 in MS65, 1 finer (10/2019).

Background: The double florin was equal to four shillings, and both Arabic 1 and Roman 1 (S-3922) varieties were issued in 1887. The 1887 Jubilee Head designs only lasted through 1892. Although the small Jubilee Head crown that Victoria wore received the bitterest criticism, the reverse design was equally unpopular. One wag at the time called it “radiating tea trays and kitchen pokers.”

Great Britain One Shilling 1s 1817 Overdate! Gorgeous Toned MS66 PCGS S-3790 var. $950 $895
Laureate head of George III facing right, date below. Rev. crowned shield with garter edge, milled, struck on coin axis. This is a apparently an unrecorded overdate example—although we are unsure whether the underdigit is part of an 8, a 6 (which makes more sense to us), or something else. This was previously in the Heritage September 2012 Long Beach auction in an earlier slab.

There it was described as “superlative coin in terms of its preservation, boldly detailed with a crisp portrait and every tiny detail of the shield showing, undisturbed rich satiny luster, and gorgeous pastel silvery magenta-gold and blue iridescent toning. As wonderful as this shilling is visually, its most enchanting feature is what appears to be an uncatalogued overdate, with part of an 8 showing to the right of the 7 in the date. Overdate or not, this is a gorgeous coin! Candidate for a finest known Registry Set?”

It is unsurprising but bears mentioning that this beautifully toned coin is also the large Plate Coin for the issue. PCGS Population: 9 in 66, 1 finer in MS67, although we doubt a more beautiful survivor of this issue could exist.
Ex: Long Beach Signature (Heritage, 9/2012), lot 24038, which realized $1,028.13.

Great Britain 1937 Nickel-Brass Threepence 3d Lovely Toned PR64 PCGS S-4112, KM-849. $65
First-year proof issue of 26,000 pieces, with title IND : IMP. Thrift plant on reverse, struck on coin axis. Delightfully toned and conservatively graded.

Great Britain 1937 Silver Sixpence 6d Toned PR64 PCGS S-4084, KM-852. $75
Obv. Bare head of George VI. Rev. GRI (GEORGIUS REX IMPERATOR; George, King and Emperor) cipher crowned, struck on coin axis. Lovely teal patina and again, conservatively graded. A first-year proof of this type, struck in 0.500 silver. The proof mintage was a scant 26,000 pieces.

Great Britain 1736 Jernegan Cistern Silver Medal, Betts-169, Eimer-537, AU58 PCGS. $399
39 mm, 20.5 gm. Struck in silver. Obv. Minerva standing between military trophies and emblems of the Arts and Sciences. BOTH HANDS FILL’D FOR BRITAIN around. GEORGE REIGNING in exergue. Rev. Caroline, royally robed, waters a stand of young palm-trees. GROWING ARTS ADORN EMPIRE around, in exergue CAROLINE PROTECTING 1736.

Although the Jernegan Cistern medal is listed in the C. Wyllys Betts’ seminal volume American Colonial History as Illustrated by Contemporary Medals, any relation to American history is tangential at best. Some took the palm trees and Caroline to be a reference to the Carolinas, although Betts himself disclaimed any more-direct association with America. (Betts points to the 1863 cataloguing of the Lilliendahl Collection by W.H. Strobridge as a source of the misinterpretation.) The medals were struck as “tickets” for a lottery to win a giant silver urn or cistern made by London goldsmith and banker Henry Jernegan.

This example shows beautiful color with trivial field chatter but no more than a light touch of high-point wear on Caroline’s and Minerva’s left breast and arm.

Conder Tokens

Great Britain 1796 Halfpenny Conder Token, Gloucestershire, Badminton, Sheaf-Balance DH-48 MS64BN PCGS. $275. Obv. Wheat sheaf, A below, RELIEF AGAINST MONOPOLY. Rev. Pair of scales, 6-1/2 lb, BREAD FOR 1s APRIL 1796 | GOD BE PRAISED. Lovely blue and green with almond patina. PCGS Population: 2 in 64 BN, 0 finer (10/2019).

Background: The Badminton series are not currency tokens and are all fairly scarce, according to the Dalton & Hamer update by Bill McKivor dating from 2015. They commemorate the Duke of Beaufort who lessened the price of wheat during a period of scarcity of corn. Engraved by Willets, made by Kempson.

Great Britain 1794 Halfpenny Conder Token, Somersetshire, Bath, Bladud-Urn DH-39 MS64BN PCGS. $279
Obv. Figure of Bladud facing left with bow and quiver, around SUCCESS TO THE BATH WATERS | BLADUD FOUNDER OF BATH. Rev. A tea urn with IRONMONGERY BRAZIERY & CUTLERY, F. HEATH and date 1794 in exergue. Edge: PAYABLE BY F. HEATH BATH. This is an extremely appealing and sharply struck example with bluish-red patina and some muted mint red remaining. PCGS Population: 3 in 64BN, 0 finer (10/2019).

Great Britain ND (ca 1790) Halfpenny Conder Token, Suffolk, Bury, Plough Fleece-Commerce DH-26 MS64+BN PCGS. $279
Obv. Shield of arms of Bury St. Edmunds. The wolf’s head is about equidistant from the flanking letters, distinguishing it from the DH-25. SUCCESS TO THE PLOUGH & FLEECE, rosette below shield. Rev. Cipher PD above a crown between palm and laurel branches. THE COMMERCE OF BRITAIN. Edge: PAYABLE AT P. DECKS POST OFFICE BURY . X X .. This coin is a full Gem in our opinion, suffused with fantastic luster, prooflike surfaces, and pastel bluish-rose patina. A great Conder token. PCGS Population: 2 in 64+BN, 0 finer (10/2019).

A Token About Books: Great Britain ND (ca 1790) Halfpenny Conder Token, Suffolk, Bury, Abbey Gate-Rackhams Book DH-29 MS63BN PCGS. $249
Obv. An ancient gateway, with ABBEY GATE above (softly struck, it resembles SPYGATE). Rev. An open book in center, PAYABLE AT RACKHAMS above, CIRCULATING * LIBRA(last R absent, Y is higher; poor planning on the engraver’s part) | ANGEL HILL | BURY. Edge: OR AT LEATHERDALE’S . X . HARLESTON NORFOLK. Considerable mint red remaining on the reverse. PCGS Population: 1 in 63BN, 3 finer (10/2019).

Background: John Rackham, a printer, had his circulating library opposite the Abbey Gate, Bury.

A Token About Buttons: Great Britain ND (ca 1790) Halfpenny Conder Token, Warkwickshire, Birmingham, Free School-Kempson’s DH-200 MS64BN PCGS. $249
Obv. FREE SCHOOL with detailed building. Rev. Kempson’s Die No. 3 (Dalton and Hamer 2015 edition, page 280): Shield of arms, inner circle MAKER OF BUTTONS * MEDALS &c. BIRMINGHAM, upper arc P. KEMPSON. The upright of the last N is re-engraved, if anyone cares. Edge: Plain. Much prooflike billiance on highly lustrous, well-struck surfaces. PCGS Population: 3 in 64BN, 0 finer (10/2019).

Background: Peter Kempson (1755–1824) was a prolific issuer of Conder tokens, most notably buildings and bridges, gates etc. in London and Birmingham. (Many of the early makers of Conder tokens, including Matthew Boulton of the Soho (Birmingham) Mint, started out making metallic buttons, which after all was a similar process in many ways to striking coins and medals.)

Great Britain ND (ca 1790) Halfpenny Conder Token, Wiltshire, Holt, Herald-Arnot Spa DH-3 MS63BN PCGS. $219
Obv. Winged herald angel blowing horn. HOLT WILSHIRE MINERAL WATERS DISCOVER’D 1688. Rev. In center SOLD | AT THE | SPA HOUSE | BY. D. ARNOT | PROPRIETOR. Around, & BY INO. GRIFFITHS No. 27 ST. ALBAN’S STREET LONDON. Edge: Plain. Ruddy reflective surfaces with a small dark patch upper reverse. PCGS Population: 1 in 63BN, 3 finer (10/2019).

Scotland ND Halfpenny Conder Token, Angusshire, Dundee, Crooms Dragons-Sells MS62BN PCGS. $179
Obv. Two dragons holding shield of arms, DEI DONUM above, PRUDENTIA ET CANDORE below. Upper border of shield plain, neither (C)AN(DORE) nor (D)UN(DEE) joined. PAYABLE AT W. CROOMS HIGH STREET DUNDEE. Rev. SELLS | WHOLESALE | WOOLEN & LINEN | DRAPERY GOODS | WATCHES &c &c | CHEAP. Edge: Plain. This piece is rather dark, save in the centers, but strictly Mint State, and quite rare as a Scottish Conder token.
Comes with old-time collector’s envelope from Schwer Coins, Woodbridge, Suffolk. PCGS Population: 1 in 62BN, 0 finer (10/2019).

Great Britain 1796 One Penny Conder Token, Warwickshire, Wyon (noted as County by PCGS), Bouquet-Obelisk DH-25 MS64BN PCGS. $319
Obv. An obelisk partly covered in ivy within a circle of pellets, around CRESCIT IN IMMENSAM. Rev. Two cartouches, the larger containing a bouquet of flowers, the smaller T.W. cipher (Thomas Wyon). PROMISSORY PENNY around, date 1796 between cartouches. Edge: I PROMISE TO PAY ON DEMAND THE BEARER ONE PENNY. Gorgeous pastel rose and blue patina throughout, and almost certainly struck as a proof. PCGS Population: 2 in 64 BN, 1 finer (10/2019).

Great Britain 1797 One Penny Conder Token, Gloucestershire, Gloucester, New County Gaol DH-10 MS64BN PCGS. $350
Obv. Gated building THE NEW COUNTY GAOL. Rev. Arms with CITY TOKEN flanking, ARMS OF GLOCESTER (sic), 1797 at bottom, R. KEMPSON FECIT in small letters nearby. PCGS Population: 2 in 64BN, 0 finer (10/2019).
Comes with old-time collector’s envelope from Schwer Coins in Felixstowe, Suffolk, where this token is marked “Scarce.”

Background: Much like the Middlesex buildings of Kempson, this Gloucestershire series shows various building views. A new reverse die, lacking CITY TOKEN, with GLOUCESTER spelled properly, and signed OTTLEY in script, dates from the 19th century.

Great Britain 1797 One Penny Conder Token, Gloucestershire, Gloucester, St. Nicholas Church DH-6 MS63BN PCGS. $295
Obv. View of church ST NICHOLAS CHURCH. Rev. Shield-arms with CITY TOKEN flanking, ARMS OF GLOCESTER (sic), 1797 at bottom, R. KEMPSON FECIT in small letters nearby. This piece is quite reflective with some moderate smoky patina right of the church spire. Comes with old-time collector’s envelope from Schwer Coins, Felixstowe, Suffolk. PCGS Population: 1 in 63BN, 0 finer (10/2019).

Background: Much like the Middlesex buildings of Kempson, this Gloucestershire series shows various building views. A new reverse die with GLOUCESTER spelled properly, lacking CITY TOKEN, and signed OTTLEY, dates from the 19th century.

Great Britain 1794 Halfpenny Conder Token, Sussex, Northiam, Squirrel-Unanimity DH-35 MS64BN PCGS. $279
Obv. EG cipher with a squirrel atop, around NORTHIAM HALFPENNY, date 1794 in exergue. Rev. Arms between palm and oak branches, around UNANIMITY IS THE BOND OF SOCIETY. Edge: PAYABLE AT G. GILBERTS NORTHIAM . X . X . X . X . This example boasts lovely prooflike blue-brown surfaces. PCGS Population: 2 in 64BN, 0 finer (10/2019).

Wales 1791 Halfpenny Conder Token, Anglesey Druid Head-PMCo Cypher, DH-387, Bronzed PR63BN PCGS. $550 Atkins-207. Obv. Druid’s Head wreathed by oak leaves and acorns. 18 acorns. Rev. 1791 atop PMCo cypher for Parys Mining Company, THE ANGLESEY MINES HALFPENNY around. 1 between T and H. Edge: PAYABLE IN ANGLESEY OR LONDON. PCGS Population: 1 in PR63BN, 0 finer (7/2020).
Ex: Spink Auction (December 1979), lot 265. Comes with auction ticket noting “Parys Mine Co. proof.”

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