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I was watching TOH this afternoon and they mentioned that they were going to have 4 episodes later this year or early 2020 on their efforts to help rebuild after the 2018 fires. Should be very interesting.

Did they contact CrazyHoundDog?


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    That should be interesting...I would watch that to see how they go about the cleaning/detox/replacement of building and materials. Cheers, RickO

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    It is one hell of a mess up there, let me tell ya. I would say that 85% of my town is gone, leveled. If the wind blows, just a little bit, PG&E will turn the power off. That stops all construction going on. Why didn’t PG&E shut off the power a year ago when the wind was gusting 50-60 mph? They told us a day or two before the 8th of 2018 that they were, but they didn’t. Just in case you all don’t know the true story, here ya go. PG&E received MANY phone calls the night before the fire that there were high power lines failing from one of the 100+ year old towers. They were cracking, sparking and swinging around in the wind. What did PG&E do? Not a damn thing! This is what caused the so called, Campfire. I have family in New York that actually thought it was started by a campfire. Nope, PG&E was the cause of this fire! The high power lines are still hanging from these 100+ year old towers. Be aware of how old they are and be damn sure to stay clear of them. PG&E has plenty of money to put those lines in a large conduit underground. They just don’t want to spend that money to make us all safe. Just pray to god one doesn’t come down around your town.
    Again I want to thank the pcgs family and the good people right here on this forum for helping my family over the hump of this tragedy.
    Much love to you all, Joe and family❤️❤️

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    I read that since 2012, 1500 fires have been started by PG&E in California.
    The problem is that monopolies have no incentive to upgrade or replace anything.
    Somebody needs to turn this electric company into a CO-OP, owned by the users only.
    Many rural electric companies are CO-OPs and they work just fine. I belonged to one in Colorado, Intermountain Rural Electric Association, and they were great. Each homeowner got the opportunity to buy a share of stock in the company (business's too). This was not mandatory but we got two shares, one for the home and one for our business. When we left Colorado we continued to receive yearly dividends on the two shares for about 20 years. Once the house check was well over $200 for the year!
    bob :)

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