The coincidental cherry pick.

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Last week while driving back to work from lunch, my mind wandered to cherry picking. For the Liberty Nickel series, of the 14 coins in my mint state set, I cherry picked 14 of them. Some were found raw, and others were PCGS graded but unattributed.
I was going through where each of the coins in my set were found knowing 2 of them were found in the current holders.

The 2 I bought in the current holder were my 1897 FS-301 and my 1900 FS-801.

Wouldn't you know it, when I got back, someone had listed a near complete graded set on ebay, and the 1897 graded PCGS MS64 just happens to be the cherry pickers variety. I have cherry picked at least one other for this variety, but it was not mint state.

So, once it gets attributed (nice that is one of the quarterly specials), it will give me 2 of them and I can sell one.

That will leave me needing to cherry pick the 1900, preferably in mint state since mine is AU.

Now I am up to 4 cherry picks for the year. Not sure I found more than 2 all of last year.

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    I've picked both the 1887 and 1900 DDR's. Both are really nice doubled dies and are underrated, IMO.

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    Better than buying them out right. And more fun to "find" them.


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    @WaterSport said:
    Better than buying them out right. And more fun to "find" them.


    Yes indeed.
    This is one series that is still overlooked and varieties can be found with persistence.

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    Picking Cherries is the only way to go!

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    Cherry picks are great fun... even if found in one's own collection (the best way ;) )....I have cherry picked AH Kennedy's several times...Cheers, RickO

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    @DIMEMAN said:
    Good hunting.....I just picked 2 Barber Dimes. The 1897 RPD301 should grade MS and the 1907-D RPD301 will probably grade 40-45. It was great find those 2 in the same week after going so long without finding anything.

    It is amazing how these sometimes come in bunches. The other 3 this year were all within about 2 weeks.

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    Congrats and keep hunting :smile:

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