One Kilo Bar - Poured in wood - Interesting

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One Kilo Bar - Poured in wood - Interesting

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    will that have pour lines or tree rings?

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    yes, that's an older video from The Bear. I think its super cool! I'm going to start pouring silver pretty soon and that one of my first thing I want to try.

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    Interesting !!! :)

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    Definitely liked the look of the bar on the second pour from the wood mold.

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    About 2 ozt jumped out...

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    Very interesting effect.... not sure how it would sell, but certainly unique. Of course, it can always be reclaimed and remolded. Cheers, RickO

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    I mean, yes, it looks cool. But he must be insane doing a pour over a tub of freaking water. That is asking for a complete disaster. You keep water well away from molten metal. It causes steam explosions.

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