1978 Topps Eddie Murray ROOKIE PSA 10 - An alien card of sorts

I have revered the 1978 Topps Eddie Murray Rookie for a long time. I first started collecting in 1981 at age 11 so missed out on buying 1978 Packs but knew Eddie Murray was a "star player" and that his 78 Rookie Card was a special card. I was always on the “lookout” for one as a kid and finally landed a low grade copy and was happier than a pig on its side in cool mud.

Fast forward ---- When I got back into collecting in 2014 a prime Eddie Murray Rookie was on the wish list. I quickly realized how difficult/rare the card is in high grade. In particular, I wanted a PSA 10 with a centered back. I knew it could be a long wait for one to surface. Kinda like sitting on a hilltop watching for UFO’s. Five years later its 2019 and I spotted the UFO and was lucky enough to land it.

Special card of a Baseball Legend who is one of only six total men to claim membership in both the 500 Home Run and 3,000 Hit Clubs. Eddie Murray, Hank Aaron, Alex Rodriguez, Willie Mays, Rafael Palmeiro and Albert Pujols.


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