Give perfectly circulated coins some love!

Got any "Flawless circs" in your collection? This is not meant to be a showcase of barely touched AU64s but rather coins that actually did circulate, perhaps extensively, without getting noticeably dinged, scratched, nicked, bumped, cleaned, etc.

This is beyond what PCGS will grade or CAC will cac, to the realm of obsessing over finding a "perfect VF" in a certain series. It's a coin where if it was MS, it would rate 64 or higher judging by marks (obviously not judging by luster!). They are not often sold, because they are far rarer than than their associated premium over a "normal" CAC.

Here's one in the Bust Quarter series that is as close as I've got, although these pics are not the best. What've you got?

Coin-specific photobucket alternative:

Check it out!


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