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Many of us have a primary area of focus, for me that is high end Latin American coins after years of collecting primarily rare dated No Motto Half Eagles. In collecting both of those primary sets I developed secondary sets and even tertiary sets which were inherently less capital intensive when compared to my primary set, but allowed me to maintain a level of activity in the hobby while waiting for the eventual great piece to add to my primary set.

Do you find yourself following this behavior as well? What are your primary and secondary sets?

Primary: High- End Latin American Type
Secondary: CWT from my home town of Kalamazoo, MI, World Coins from Early America


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    Primary: Liberty Seated Dollars
    Secondary: Trade Dollars, Early German Talers, (Love The Wildman!)

    Liberty Seated and Trade Dollar Specialist
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    Primary: US Type Set
    Secondary: World coins with zero aim just add whatever I see and instantly like - like the cap & rays 8 reales I bought from you awhile back. I find myself most into medieval stuff but honestly it doesn't have to fit into any box whatever catches my eye and is affordable I grab.

    Example: I don't know a thing about this but instantly thought it was cool and added it:

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    Primary set - early quarter eagles by date including major varieties 1796 - 1834. I have acquired 18 of 24 coins. Things are slow here at this point.
    Secondary set - Classic and Liberty quarter eagles by type. Or if a cool, rare liberty QE pops up, i will target it. I have 6 coins and hope to grow. Outlaw is significantly less than for the the early QE's.

    I have kept myself specialized for simplicity. There is more than enough material to consider.

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    While I have a couple of sets (formed over the years), I have never started secondary sets... I do have a few CC Morgans that are dupes...but not in a set format.....Seems once I complete a set, that is it for me..... Though nice coins will grab my attention from time to time, and I will acquire them, just to have and look at. Cheers, RickO

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