1982 p quarter ddo and ddr. Thoughts??


  • Seriously? I'm still downloading your images, but have not seen any doubling yet.

  • Why wouldn’t I be serious? Sorry so many pictures, they aren’t the best quality is why I posted so many.

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    It looks like machine doubling. Notice how everything is flat and shelf like. There may be some die deterioration doubling as well. Regardless, these not considered mint errors.

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    While there are a few coins known with both DDO and DDR, it is extremely unlikely that a DD coin would have both. If there is perceived doubling on both dies that is to me a big clue that it is almost certainly MD.

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    Thoughts are you dont do any research and read previous posts that you have.made.

  • Sure don’t. Thanks For noticing :D

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    The letters and date along the circumference of the quarter looks like they were worn down by coin roll crimpers (more than once). Notice how some of the marks appear to follow in a circular pattern with the circumference of rim of the coin.

    Example vid:

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