Possible duplicate mint marks?

Has anyone seen a 1984 penny that looks like this? It looks the mint mark was punched twice. There is also something that looks like an "o" above his tie. I am assuming that was damage, but could the mintmark

have been re-punched? I am including a normal looking 1984 D penny for comparison.



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    The photo needs to magnify the mintmark area. The current photos are not clear enough to make any call.

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    Here's the OP's photo with extraneous material cropped, sharpened as much as is reasonable and the mintmark tonal range enhanced. Not sure if it will help.

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  • Ok, thanks. I took a couple of pictures with my magnifying viewer that projects onto my laptop. I hope this is clearer. I also attached a picture of the circle under his chin. Thanks

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    Looks like a copper plating blister.

    For some reason, that's a fairly common
    area for this anomaly to occur.

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    I agree with Fred, either plating bubble or die chips... Cheers, RickO

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    Sorry, spent more time trying to figure out what was in the background reflections around the coin in the OP.

    From: http://www.error-ref.com/blisteredplating/

  • Thanks for the help and the link!

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