Dimeman's FUN show report....Day 3.....

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Day 1 (Thursday) - Well I got to the building bright and early think I parked close being in the right parking lot and everything. Boy was I wrong. I walked and walked finally getting to the show it's self......hoping I could find my car at the end of the day (which I did), Anyway the first thing I did was meet our very own CrazyHoundDog Joe at the PCGS table spent probably an hour or so talking to Joe and his son Joe and Heather Boyd...very enjoyable. Then I hunted down our very own insider2! Had a long talk with him on coins...varieties and grading. He is a very knowledgeable and very nice guy. :) ;) By this time it was 2:00 and I hadn't looked at a coin yet....I was getting the shakes. So to lighten my briefcase I dropped off 30 coins at Great Collections to be entered in their auction. So now the hunt began. I started on row 100 working up towards the bigger numbers. Along the way I met BarberKeys and had a good talk. Then stopped by Pat Vetters table and looked at all of his Mercs which were nice, but no varieties. I then met and talked to amworld….always nice to talk coins with him. By this time it was getting late in the day and BINGO I made my first find....a 1943-S Trumpet Tale in the wild PCGS66FB this will upgrade my PCGS65 after I get it attributed. I then skipped over to find the PenneyLady's table looking for a 1972 DDO for my Variety Type set, but she was not there so I will revisit her tomorrow. I then went to a friends table and found what I thind is a Washie variety in the wild a 1950-D PCGS66+ nice color. I think it is the 801 DDR, I will have to check it out against the coin in Coinfacts. That's it for the day.....sorry for the ramble.

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