Estate coins to dispose of

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Sorry, nothing valuable here :smile:

I have a few pounds of foreign coins from an estate, the kind of stuff U.S. tourists pick up in Europe and Asia.

Is there a good cause I can pass these on to?


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    @Paradisefound said:
    @KellenCoin is taking any donation for his ANA auction to advance the YN scholarship. You may want to PM him direct :)

    Great idea!

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    Great of you to offer to donate @Coinosaurus. YN is the future. This would be a nice numismatic world history educational donation.

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    That is a great idea....Kids are really intrigued by foreign coins.. and old U.S. coins.. anything different from what they are used to. Come to think of it.. that was what got me started.... finding old U.S. coins when selling/delivering papers as a kid. Cheers, RickO

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    Weigh them, take a pic, throw them up on ebay and donate the net to one of our Paradise victims.

    bob :)

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  • The ANA uses world coins for their Coins for A's Program. A youngster who earns three or more A's in a marking period is sent a world coin with a challenge to learn as much about the history & geography of the country that minted the coin. They can submit as many report cards as they qualify for. Homeschoolers are welcome. The first time a student submits their grades, they are also offered a free initial one year ANA electronic membership. Any world coins can be sent to the ANA headquarters c/o Rod Gillis , ANA Education Director.

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    All good suggestions above. Depending on the quantity you have you may want to portion them between the suggestions. Don't forget BST on these forums. Promote what your goal is and I'm sure you'd get a good response and quick distribution to what ever cause you choose.

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    If they are contemporary/non-numismatic coins, I know Amnesty International accepts coins as donations at many airport locations.

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