Fun "Micro-Numismatics" Quiz #5 ANSWERED

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Sorry, no prizes :( as it takes me over a week to mail them to the winner.

I'm posting the rules NOW so you all can absorb them before the contest starts.

The Non-Contest:

I am going to be posting micrographs of anything that can be found on coins. Some will be easy and some will not. The correct answer is whatever I say it is :p but feel free to disagree (giving your reason) so all of us can discuss it. Images will be posted in this thread at my discretion - several each week. I will post the answers late the next day after it was posted.

In order to make this FUN for beginners I'll ask the "experts" to PLEASE not guess what any of the images are until the next day. Otherwise, folks like (fill in the blank) will get all of them immediately - NO FUN. If no correct answer is given by the next day, the "experts" should PLEASE respond. The answer for each image will usually be posted in the afternoon when I add another image.

The Rules:
1.Anyone can guess.
2.The BEST correct answer is in two parts. A. What characteristic the image shows. B. What are the reasons, what did you use to get the correct answer?

The Image:

What do we call this "mark" on the Proof gold coin? How did it occur?


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