Someting is wong

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I was checking out a slew of listings by this low feedback seller. This coin looked a little "off" to me with the surfaces and the story line that the collection:

"According to American auction house "Numismatist" the coin is in Uncirculated Condition

"Estate is from the safe of my father-in-law Vladamire Mikhailov, a Russian businessman and collector. Vlad collected some of the best coins available during his travels from Moscow to the United States. Coins were purchased at Auctions, Coin Shows, and used as collateral for loans. The collection has been passed down to my wife to help start our new life in the United States.

"Coin are sold exactly as found in the safe per the wishes of my father-in-law. Coins have been showed to a large U.S. Auction house and coin shop for authentication and evaluation. Due to very unpleasant customer experience, the rest of the coins will be sold on ebay."



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