Embedded Mintmark

I found this Penny with the "D" mintmark embedded in the coin. Has anyone seen anything like this? Was it a mistake at the mint or did someone try to do this later on? Is it worth more than 1¢?


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    Your coin has been altered outside the Mint.

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    Wow that might even be an illegal legal tender. Wonder if they would refuse it at Walmart. Nice find though sort of a counter sink variety. Are there more out there sort of like the George Washington dollar track me where I go/spend.

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    It looks like some used a punch to add a "D" to the cent.

    Post Mint Damage.


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    Post mint damage.

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    What they said. Spend it.

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    PMD. Someone "sucker punched" the "D".

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    The reverse probably shows an indentation from the obverse, apoearing as a slight bulge on the reverse, a strong hint about what caused this.

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    @WestonNey... Welcome aboard.... Yes, your coin has suffered PMD.... no numismatic value. Cheers, RickO

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    No doubt about it.... it's PMD... value...one cent.

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    Maybe it was once owned by a descendant of Dexter or Dunham - family traditions are hard to break.

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    pmd. some what fugly, jmo

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    1KLakes - that's pretty funny !

    (wonder how many get it?)

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    @10000lakes said:
    Maybe it was once owned by a descendant of Dexter or Dunham - family traditions are hard to break.

    On a Lincoln cent? Wow ... that would have to be one 'down and out' descendant!

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    D D D D.....D D D D, Bethovens 5th. Peace Roy

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