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[CLOSED] "Win LordM's Loot" Giveaway #12 (aka CoinTalk Giveaway #53)

lordmarcovanlordmarcovan Posts: 42,044 ✭✭✭✭✭

"Win LordM's Loot" Giveaway #12 (aka CoinTalk Giveaway #53)

To enter this giveaway:

Have a look at my swapstock gallery on CollectiveCoin. (Note: that's a very slow link, so give the page several moments to load.)

The winner will receive a $25 USD credit towards anything on that page, plus free worldwide shipping. Lots are subject to prior sale and availability at the time of the drawing. You may choose lot(s) worth more than $25, but would owe me any remaining balance if that's the case. The prize here is a $25 credit plus shipping.

Post an entry post stating how you'd hypothetically spend your $25 prize credit if you won. This choice is not set in stone- you can always change your mind later if you actually win the drawing. I just like to hear people's prize preferences, to get an idea of what folks like, and why they like what they do.

One entry post per member. Additional conversational posts are fine, but will not increase your chances in the random drawing. Entries made here will be tallied on the main CoinTalk thread where the drawing is. If you have membership on CoinTalk, you may post in that thread as well, to give yourself a second chance in the drawing. One post per member per site.

Alternately, if you do not feel like entering the contest on your own behalf, you may nominate another Collectors Universe member to receive the prize instead. Just name your designated member. Then if you do win the drawing, your nominee will get the prize credit.

The drawing should be done via random number generator sometime in mid- to late March, 2021.

Entries from international members are welcome. As usual, there is no shipping charge nor any strings attached.

Numismatic Regards,

~Robertson ("Rob") Shinnick ("lordmarcovan")
Brunswick, Georgia, February 14, 2021

This giveaway is brought to you by Elvis and Lily.


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