Opinions please on these 2 bills.

Both $20.00 notes. Any premium? Series 2013 MG10111111C. I know some SN's are collectible. Series 2004A GF92919838. The last note curious to me as I never noticed a letter (A) after the series date. Any info. as to why the letter after the date would be appreciated. I know the SN is common. Thanks in advance.

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    The binary serial number definitely has a premium...if you can share pics of both sides it would be helpful to place an approximate value on it.The series 2004A,specifically the "A",has virtually nothing to do with value necessarily.It refers to changes on the note, usually the signatories,that cause the series change.Congress decides, usually based on the date the law gets passed, as to whether to change the date or to add a series letter.

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    Definitely need pics !!! :)

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