Type Sets (Pairing Multiple Sets Together)

I am taking a look at Type sets (no gold) and am looking for something closer to the basic side of things from 1800 to present. There are a number of options, but if you choose more than 1 set (primarily the century sets), there are numerous overlaps and multiple coins of the same type then required to complete each set. I understand and agree why it is done that way but when pairing the sets together it does not work well.

Has anyone paired a couple sets together and fount it to work well?

Maybe pair these together:
Basic U.S. Coin Design Set No Gold (1792-present) + Modern Type Set (1950-present)

Other thoughts..
I started the 7070 type set, I am hesitant to continue since it will not be updated and adding a modern set to this will see much overlap. Although they coins in many cases could be used for both sets.

I would like to see a 21st century set without the gold, platinum and palladium.


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