"This is the rarest, most valuable US bills collection on the planet"

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Amazing US currency coming up for auction with pieces graded by our host.

The video (in the middle of the story) is definitely worth watching:


The world’s rarest, most valued print money collection ever assembled goes up for auction next week in Baltimore, Maryland and while the pile of cash is only worth $76,000 on paper, it’s expected to draw upwards of $30 million.

“A lot of bills the U.S. government doesn’t even have a copy of them,” Vicken Yegparian, vice president of numismatics at Stack’s Bowers Galleries, the firm holding the auction, tells FOX Business.

Sorry if it's been posted already. I looked but didn't see it.


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    It will be very interesting to see what they bring.

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    Fantastic collection of large size notes. Grinnell collection was the best ever by a long shot (and will never be equaled - least of all exceeded), but in modern times, for large size, this is simply unbeatable. BTW: Not graded by the host of this site - PCGS Currency has been a separate company since 2009.

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    Interesting, thanks for the heads-up !!! :)

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    Lotsa Large size in there. My limited perception is that Large size prices are strong, so this is good timing by the seller

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    Do you think the auction house will take a check? If so, I'll "buy" several.

    Collecting small-size star notes.
    Mishawaka, IN
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    Nailed a #1 National in the auction tonight at a reasonable price so I'm happy.

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