Quick question on this PMG holder. Is this normal?

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Sorry in advance for the bad photos, the light glare on the holder was bad. However, I just got this recently reholdered and must say I am impressed with the clarity. I did notice however it scratches very easily. My only problem with it is that the note is stuck at the very top and won't come down. I have been tapping it a little bit and nothing.... any advice? Also, is it normal for the holder to be a little be wavy? When on a flat surface you can push the middle of it down just a little bit and it pops back up......


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    I haven't experienced this as being normal, but I have seen a few that you're describing !!! :/

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    Nvm about the note being at the top, I see on their website that's what it is supposed to be like! However, what would you all do about the holder? Is it not a big deal and I shouldn't worry about it? I mean it is very slight but nonetheless not flat.

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    Tap it opposite end sometimes, against dresser . sometimes take bottom or top of holder in your hand, give it a tap. Note will move. I noticed (with pcgs holders though) the large size holders are a bit smaller than before, which i do love! The note doesnt shift as much.

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    The note is beautiful in holder as is. What grinds my gears most is when an ugly speck is in the holder. A crumb looking speck i try not to fixate on, so i move the note in the holder in hopes of covering said "crumb" up.

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    As explained on the PaperMoneyForum, this is exactly how PMG sets the note to be encapsulated in the holder - away from the edges where the plastic is heated and forms the seal. PMG had some issues in the past with warped holders - though that doesn't look very bad. If you don't like it, PMG will probably re-holder it for you.

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    Hey thanks guys! I saw a video on the process and the note at the top doesn't bother me now that I know it is supposed to be like that. As long as the slightly warped holder doesn't affect the note over time I think it is fine. Would you all leave as is or complain to PMG?

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    My only worry would be is if the note was adhered to the holder. If is it not, I would accept it and move on. Nice note, btw.

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    Nice note!

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    Looks like a nice note.

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    Thanks for all the input guys! I appreciate it a lot. I'm not going to do this if its bad but what if I put some books on the holder would that help flatten it out lol? Or would it just damage it? Trying to learn as much as possible! As I am relatively new to currency still.

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    Putting the holder under books or other heavy weight will not flatten a warped holder. If it bothers you, have PMG reholder it for you (they should do this for free). If you can attend a show where PMG is doing on-site grading, you could avoid having to mail it in.

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    The slight wave in the holder will not affect the grade of the note in any way.

    It is likely caused by a slight misalignment during the sealing process.

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