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15 Silvers today at Silver Beach!

pcgs69pcgs69 Posts: 4,244 ✭✭✭✭

Took off from work today and hit Silver Beach with the 17" coil. Started on the dry sand for a bit as the tide went out. Managed a few silvers including a busted SLQ. Moved down to the tide line and between the coil and lower than usual tide, things turned out pretty well.

I think the most surprising thing was all of the quarters - usually don't find any here any more.

Been quite some time since this many silvers have come out in one day. Most of these were pretty deep and barely a tick on the machine. I'd never dig these signals at a park, so you have to wonder how much stuff we're missing on very iffy signals (but we can't dig the parks up with super deep holes!).
Ended with:
1 Standing Liberty Quarter
4 Washingtons
2 Mercs
4 silver Roosevelts
2 Wartime nickels
1 sterling ring
1 sterling necklace
21 wheat cents
1 Buffalo Nickel
some junk jewelry but still no gold!

Happy Hunting all!


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