First graded note! 1899 Silver Certificate

Picked this up the other day, it's my first graded note and it's a nice one! Paid about $150 for it. Not a bad price. Quick question however, I love PMG's newer holders and this one is somewhat beat up, lots of scratches. I don't think it'd be worth it to reholder it right now, but how could I go about maybe polishing the holder? If at all possible?


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    very nice!

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    Nice note,and great price as well.The best thing would be a re-holder.Short of that the only way I have found to help out a scratchy PMG holder is......WD-40. Spray a small amount onto a paper towel and gently buff it into the holder.Only use a tiny bit of WD-40 at first until you see the results.You need to fully buff it out until it has no oily feel.Once done,you should see some improvement.Remember....buff,buff,buff.

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    Gorgeous note, great artwork!
    Looks so original and crisp. Keen eye on a choosing an XF note with PPQ - they can be so great yet priced within reach.

    Be careful, you may now want to buy more - LOL!!

  • synchrsynchr Posts: 734 ✭✭✭

    Looks like just a trifold away from Ch/Gem CU,
    very nice centering, there is lots to like about this note!

  • Here's mine in the same grade. Personally I'd just get it re-holdered. You got a great price on the note so even with the re-holdering fee you're still not going to lose money on the deal.

    Collecting Grand Rapids, Michigan Nationals all denominations, series, and types as well as obsoletes.

    Please PM me with any available for sale.
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    Sweet !!! :)

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    I always like the black eagle note series...your note for a 45 looks beautiful.

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    One of my favorite large size designs. Nice example for the grade... congrats!

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    edited February 2, 2018 6:10PM

    Good news i have a friend going down to the longbeach show where they will reholder this for me for cheap! Done at the show, awesome!

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    Beautiful note! I love Black Eagles, such a great design! :)

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    I find this to work nice on plastic

  • nice
    my 1899 silver below

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    @clarenze30 said:
    my 1899 silver below

    Nice fancy serial number!

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    Spartcom5 - That's a great looking Black Eagle Note and great price that you picked it up for as well for being your very first graded note to buy. Great pick up!

    clarenze30 - that's a beautiful $5 dollar Chief Note! It has great eye appeal and an awesome serial number as well. Very nice! Would love to have one like it in my collection some day.

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    @Spartcom5 said:
    Good news i have a friend going down to the longbeach show where they will reholder this for me for cheap! Done at the show, awesome!

    Now you're getting the hang of it!

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    thats a nice looking note

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    Maguire's Scratch X is another excellent holder fix.

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