What grade would you give this 1928 $20 Gold Cert?

So I bought this awhile back at a coin show and was wondering how you all would grade it? If I had to guess, looking online I say maybe a Fine? Maybe a tad higher?? I think my local coin shop is sending some currency out to get graded and I can piggyback for $30 or so and was thinking if indeed Fine or higher I may want to submit it!


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    Yes fine. F15, might squeeze a VF20. Get it graded if you want for fun, but the grading cost is a little high vs the value of the note. Maybe if it was XF/AU then I would have it graded.

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    Fine. I would not get it graded.

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    :) !!!

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    i got 2 myself. there neat to have.

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    From the pics it's a fine 15.Grading this note,in my opinion,is not worth the money.$30 grading on a note worth roughly $100 seems wasteful to me.That stated,many have reasons to grade that I am not privy to.

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    I would grade the note a VF 20 Apparent/Net with a notation of Foreign substance. The paper seems to have a little more body and less folds than most notes graded Fine. Plus the back side and the margins are better than you normally find on notes graded in Fine condition. I think the value of the note is around $85 and paying a grading fee of $30 seems cost prohibitive. It's the type of note to get graded during one of the monthly specials/economy class or leave as is.

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    Just made it Fine due to heavy wear and stains.

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    Be careful with gold notes. I bought one a while ago and, like a fool (new to collecting), got it graded. It had repaired pin holes in it and got an apparent grade. Only buy ones already graded.

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