Cleaning coins

I know you should not clean a coin but if you can't see the details of the area your trying to look at. Soaking in hot tap water then a very soft brush. Would like everyone ones opinion


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    Due to the level of experience you have shown so far, it is best you don't do anything to your coins except to collect them, ask questions, and learn. :)

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    I would not brush a coin with anything unless it has no numismatic value in the first place.

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    I dig a lot of coins out of soil. Many have dirt, crud and residue attached to details that are critical to properly id the coin. I soak coins in olive oil for weeks to months. This action often loosens the substance so I can push it off details with a wet frayed wooden toothpick tip. I wonder if a jewelry sonic cleaner bath would also be safe. Peace Roy

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    Good day all. This is my first inquiry regarding coin condition of a 1897 -0 half dollar. Reverse shows sharp detail in shield and overall but obverse has 2 solder globs. Can the solder be removed without further damage. Liberty is all there and clear. Dug it in some old ground where circus tents were pitched. Peace Roy

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