What grades would this Constantine commemorative get NGC?

Hey guys I have what I think to be a very nice Constantine commemorative coin. It depicts Romulus and Remus on the back of it. I paid only $10 and honestly I think the details are quite nice which leads me to want to have it graded for my collection. I really know nothing about ancient coins and grading them. What do you all think about it? Suggestions would be great! On another forum this was the coin exactly as it was identified. https://cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=111014


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    While I'm at it here is another coin, quite nice besides the green corrosion which may be the deal breaker correct?

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    Do collectors of ancients really care about TPG grades? I'd just say, "Save your money."

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    Not sure if it is authentic but at 10.00 not important but check to see if cast copy.

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    Well I bought it out of the junk bin at my coin store I frequent and they don't carry copies as far as I'm concerned. I think it should be good, how would you go about checking? As for the grees corrosion is there any safe way of removing it.,

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    The slabbing cost would be thirty times what either coin is worth.

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    Not sure you can do anything with the green corrosion.
    I would soak it in olive oil for a few months. Than try
    a tooth brush (gently) ...

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    @Kkathyl said:
    Not sure if it is authentic but at 10.00 not important but check to see if cast copy.

    Very common but nice Urbs Roma type. no indication that it is anything but genuine. Likely to have been more or less mint state, altho bit of an unnatural color with some evidence of cleaning and remnants whatever was removed, esp at 7 o';clock on the obverse and behind the wolf on the reverse. The wolf itself is quite nice looking nonetheless. I'm not sure why you'd want to have it TPG'd but it's your money. I'd avoid the Constantius as Caesar piece altogether. Again a very common type and if the green is at all powdery it's bronze disease which can be a challenge to remove. Best case may leave serious pitting when the green is removed. Just MHO.

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    Both coins look perfectly genuine. If you want slabbed examples of these types, I'd recommend buying ones that have already been graded. It'll probably cost more than $10 a coin, but will likely be less than the total cost of grading a raw coin. These are common types, so there should be plenty of examples you can choose from. Happy collecting!


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    I would stick it in a display if you have one. Would look nice underneath a glass table :)

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    Thanks guys! i appreciate the help on this. I am trying to find something nice to display ancients in. Right now they're all in flips, doesn't look too great! Any ideas?

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