SLQ on Cent Planchet.

Seems an old thread about a person on Ebay selling fake error coins and it mentions "slq on cent" which the link still works.

Look what I found:


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    Wow 2 years later last time selling for $218 now going for $700+

    For what it worth repoted under counterfiet section.

    Guess the buyer thinks they are getting a great buy or such.

    Surprised so many high feedback bidders want this item.

  • giantsfan20giantsfan20 Posts: 1,030 ✭✭✭

    Good example of why you should **Snipe ** bid unless You want to pay more :)

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    Thanks for the heads-up !!! :s

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    Thanks for the alert... Time flies as it seems like I last reported this yesterday.

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    It's Christmas...which is time to jack-up the prices!

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    edited December 7, 2017 7:03AM

    @ricko said:
    Such a shame....and someone will likely get burned and leave the hobby.... Cheers, RickO

    Or will this person collect in bliss with his/her heirs getting burned?

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    The description today no longer mentions it is a fantasy.

    Description today by bobogunandcoin:


    Description by powaski56 in auction ended Jul 09, 2015 , 8:31AM with winning bid of US $218.11

    Standing Liberty Quarter on a cent planchet no date Fantasy Error on Authentic Planchet U.S., pre-1982 blank 3.1 gram copper cent planchet. In the U.S. if you own a coin you may alter it. But if you sell it, you must disclose that it was altered. In this case the authentic coin was a pre-1982 copper U.S. blank. It is very rare to find any major mint errors in the Standing Liberty Quarter ...

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    Here are the photos for posterity:

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    @ricko said:
    Such a shame....and someone will likely get burned and leave the hobby.... Cheers, RickO

    Even if you build an ark you can't save everyone as many won't research a flood is coming ;)

    To Err Is Human.... To Collect Err's Is Just Too Much Darn Tootin Fun!
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    @Broadstruck ...So true... even as the water is rising..... Cheers, RickO

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    To Quote the Eagles:

    "Somebody's gonna hurt some one,
    before the night is thru.

    Somebody's gonna come undone,
    there's nothing they can do"

    (unless the auction is pulled)

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    Foot in the wrong place and no date, interesting


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  • I’m pissed, this is giving Bobo’s everywhere a bad name!
    Would be cool if it were real and this is not me.

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    My '16 quarter is REAL silver......

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