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Question: How is the market for 18th century russian coinage? Is it strong weak flat of what. Any info will help. The world coin guides seem very high on some pieces.


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    Good pieces will sell, but not for the levels they used to bring 7-10 years ago. I have found the catalog is generally high, when I bother to look.


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    Readers Digest condensed version... The Russian market is simply not what it once was.

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    Interesting to know, thanks !!! :)

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    The time to buy was the early 1990s - lots of stuff was coming out of the former USSR. Not a lot of people there were collecting it yet. I can remember from my stay in the USSR just before it disintegrated that coin collecting was rather ambiguous. I know people collected coins but if you accumulated silver or gold it was illegal. Having small quantities of 18th century bronze was generally not a problem but a large collection would have been kept under wraps.

    During that time I assembled a nice collection of pyataks (5 kopeks, the hockey puck coins) including some of the rare mints and also Siberian coinage from the late 18th century. Then it all took a dramatic price hike and I moved on to other stuff.

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    Ditto to what SaorAlba said. I started in world coins in the early 1990s with a main interest of Russian. I managed to find quite a few of the tough Nicholas II and Alexander III roubles before Y2K rolled around. Unfortunately, the Russian market took off in the late 1990s and early 2000s and I couldn't afford to buy anything. I sold all I had in 2003/4 and moved on the talers. I miss the allure of the roubles, but found plenty to keep me busy in the german states. At one point I managed to find some scarce dates that I would love to have today: 1834 commemorative, 1839 commemorative, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1914, 1915.......

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    The better stuff is still bringing good money! Run of the mill is priced in KM at the old high typical...their prices caught up after the market declined.

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