PRINCE COIN builds solution based on Ethereum background to invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), world Real Estate Funds (REFs), cryptocurrency, Financial Technology, game online, casino.

Besides, Prince coin invests in financial rent, game online, casino… and can be setted payment by Prince coin.
Nowadays, cryptocurrency is the future of economy while money system and traditional financial services are already out-of-date and be interrupted. But it still may take risk and you can not get benefit and safety if only invest in some cryptocurrencies. Prince coin make a best way is invest in index of encrypted currencies on Coin Market Cap (this index representatives for trend of cryptocurrency in future). Futher, a lot of outstanding members of cryptocurrency communitity in the world are invited to join with Princoin to improve system and normalize investment procedures. Thus, investors in Prince coin can have a safe and stable income, up to 30% monthly based on total investment. Infrastructure of Pric based on decentralization and run on Ether Blockchain. Pric are commercialized with other cryptocurrency on exchange platform and will cooperate with huge corporations to make settle payment for investments on Pric on over the world.


  • Symbol: PRIC
  • Total supply: 35.000.000 PRIC
  • Launch: 17.500.000 PRIC
  • ICO: 7.500.000 PRIC
  • Time of selling PRIC
  • Pre-sale: 2.000.000 PRIC (bonus 10%) - Price: 0.4$
  • ICO round 1: 1.500.000 PRIC (bonus 10%) – Estimated price: 0.6$
  • ICO round 2: 2.000.000 PRIC (bonus 8%) – Estimated price: 0.8$
  • ICO round 3: 2.000.000 PRIC (bonus 5%)
  • Estimated price: minimum 1$
  • Start selling Pre-sale: 01/11/2017

  • Date of Lending: 25/11/2017 (minimum price is 1$)

  • Maximum selling per day is 200.000 PRIC (Pre ICO)
  • ICO round 1 to round 3, maximum selling per day: 500.000 PRIC.

  • Minimum buying order: 100 PRIC

  • Maximum buying order: 10,000 PRIC
  • PRIC is kept in wallet ETH ( Jaxx, Myetherwallet, Metamask…)

  • All Pric transaction can be checked on and

  • Link to investment:
  • Website:


1, Interest monthly: 15%/month
2, Commisstion:

  • Direct sponsor: 10%
  • Pairing bonus: 6% (package 1), 8% (package 2), 10% (package 3)
  • Maximum income per day
  • Package 1: 300$ - 999$ (Max income 1,000/day)
  • Package 2: 1,000$ - 4,999$ (Max income 5,000/day)
  • Package 3: 5,000 – 25,000$ (Max income 25,000/day)


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    Wow! Thanks for the early am SPAM.
    Your tenure here will be short, much like your product.

    Waiting for the swell in PM's and surf.
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    Is this referring to PRINCE the recently deceased music artist, Prince as in Royalty, Prince as in Dianna Prince A.K.A. Wonder Woman, etc...?

    Website links won't pull up. "The proxy server isn’t responding" Apparently for good reason.

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    At least he didn't swear at us and call us stupid (yet).

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    Pric are commercialized ....Sorry not really getting this

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    Let me know when the site is back up so I can sink my retirement savings into this great new opportunity.

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    Nice meeting you :#

    Are you interested in buying some "grading futures"?

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    The symbol seems appropriate.

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    Wrong prince

    Nigerian Prince

    Western union me your investment love.

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    He lost me at "infrastructure of Pric" which seems apropos, somehow.

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    Someday my Prince will Come...

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    One more venture for me to totally ignore.... ;) Cheers, RickO

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