2,000 Post Giveaway — Lets Play Lowball Golf! **WINNERS ANNOUNCED**

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When I first joined this forum back in 2004, I had just been accepted into the inaugural class of the U.S. Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program. I believed that by anonymously conversing with active numismatists that I could covertly better understand what America wants for its modern coinage. For the two years I was in the program, I did gain such insights, but I also gained a lot more.

I began collecting coins as kid in the 1980s, and like many I stopped about when I discovered Rock N’ Roll and girls... (and come to think of it, Rock N' Roll girls). Something I did not have in the 1980s, was the ability to converse with and learn from other collectors - this advent only seems to have been made possibly by computers. For me, this level of engagement reawakened my love of coins, and led me to start collecting again.

Another thing I did not expect to find in coming here, is how many luminary numismatists would be present to just strike up casual conversations with! As a kid, I remember looking at the line for the 1913 Liberty Nickel, and seeing the words “Eliasburg Sale, $200,000.00”, and it made me wonder who Eliasburg was and what it would be like to talk to him? Well, here, at least when I was most active, getting to talk coins with such modern-day Eliasburg-level authorities happened everyday.

When my collection was stolen from my house last month, I came back here for the purpose of forwarding my inventory onto the coin community in hopes that someone, somewhere, my find something. What I ended up getting by doing so, was a lot of support that really helped me. Thank you. It reminded me of why I liked collecting in the first place, and it played a part in my decision not let my collection end in broken window leading out to the night sky, but to restore it as best I can.

And so now that I am back, I find that I am on the verge of 2,000 posts! And I’d to like to do a giveaway!

Out of all my coins that were stolen, one that I oddly find myself missing most, was my 1834 Half Eagle in PCGS FR2. In honor of this coin, lets play a game — I call it Low Ball Golf.

Here are the rules:

Post a lowball gold U.S. coin. It can be yours. It can be from a registry set. It can be from an active or closed auction. It can even be for sale right now. All coins must be certified by our host, or by one of the 2 other most respected companies with numerical grades (no details grades). Points will be given on the following basis:

AG3 = 3 Points
FR2 = 2 Points
PO1 = 1 Point
St. Gaudens $20, Indian Head or Coronet Gold = 4 Points
Classic Head, $3 Gold or $1 Gold = 3 Points
Pre-1834 Gold or Classic Gold Commem = 2 Points
Modern Commem or American Gold Eagle = 1 Point

Lowest score wins! Ties will be decided by whichever competing coin has the lowest mintage. Entires accepted until midnight Sunday, PCT.

1st Prize will be another homage to my collection. Since childhood, I stored my collection in a 1930s green-painted, steel-strong coin roll tray labeled “Dimes - $150.00”. An antique-loving neighbor lady had it, and she agreed to trade it to me for babysitting her child. A couple weeks ago when I decided to collect again, one of my first aims was to find another such tray. Long story short, I came across a few old Steel Strong Coin Trays of different colors and denominations for sale and I bought them, but sadly the green Dime denomination remained elusive. Then I noticed a seller on Ebay who had several Steel Strong brand items listed, and so I contacted them. It turned out, that this person had bought the remains of the Steel Strong company several years ago, and had been slowly liquidating its contents on Ebay over the years — and is it happened, they had exactly 1, NOS, pre-1941 green-painted dime tray that they then sold me. Obviously, I am not going to give away my unique dime tray, but I will give away an orange-painted Quarter tray that I acquired during my hunt - take a look!

These trays are great for housing a coin collection, because they are the exact dimension of a slab laid on its side. Box of 20? How about antique, actually bank-used, might have once held rolls of freshly-minted 1932-S Washington Quarters, Steel Strong coin roll tray of 20!

2nd Prize - the runner up will receive a 2005 Mint Set.

Both prizes will be shipped at my expense.

Good luck!



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