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Love Token Seated Liberty 1877 Dime with Horned Owl

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It's nice to see the subject of one's coin sitting outside one's window.

I live in a suburb of San Francisco in a somewhat rural community.

In the fall of 2016 I began hearing hooting coming from one of the trees behind my place.

I soon located the musicians, a pair of Horned Owls.

Horned Owl pair - October 25, 2016
The boy owl is on the left and the girl owl is on the right

They left in December, presumably to move to their nest located elsewhere.

They returned in September 2017.

Horned Owl pair - October 10, 2017
The boy is on the left again

Love Tokens are coins which have engravings applied to one side. They were popular in the late 1800's and were usually made as gifts. The engravings were initials or pictures.

This love token was made from an Seated Liberty 1877 silver dime.

Love Token with Owl on 1877 Seated Liberty dime
Silver, 18mm, 2.09gm

The base coin is an American 1877 Seated Liberty dime or ten cent coin. The love token weighs much less than an original uncirculated dime of 2.50gm.


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