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1756 half real!!!

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Met up with a buddy for about 5 hours of detecting. Hit a spot that has yielded some cool relics previously (I was there once before and got a merc). Started slow and got a couple buttons, a really nice 1886 ihc, a busted up draped bust large cent!, and a couple wheats. Got a signal near the road that sounded like a simple zincoln at about 3 inches. After all I got a copper Lincoln at 4, so the signal and depth made sense. Got it out and saw a very thin silver coin. Glanced and thought it was play money at first as they can give a similar signal. It looked silver though. Brought it over to my buddy and quickly we could see 1756 staring back at us. Incredible! My oldest dated silver coin! I did find a cob a couple years ago but don’t know its date. What a crazy day! Never found the pillars design either. Things slowed after that and I got another 1886 ihc. My buddy found a silver roosevelt and silver Washington quarter so we both went home with something.

Hh all!


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