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Show report - Front Range Coin Club, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Longmont, CO - Day 1

claychaserclaychaser Posts: 4,405 ✭✭✭✭

This is a regularly scheduled 2-day spring and fall local coin show held at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, hosted by the Front Range Coin Club.

Saturday was a wonderful fall day in Colorado, and the recent mountain snows made for a nice view on the drive into Longmont from the I-25:

There was also a dog walk at the Fairgrounds that morning:

The building is a farm exhibit building, complete with corrals in the back. But this is Colorado!

The FRCC president and bourse chairman, Gene M., relaxing after setup:

The bourse was sold out, and the opening crowds were big and wanting to do business:

I was able to buy some small deals for my "resale pipeline", but nothing cool caught my eye until the end of the day. Buried at the end of a mint set flip deal was 2 very pretty 1957 and 1958 mint sets. The coins were very pretty, and I thought really original. I took a chance and bought them. Sorry - no pics! I then really took a flyer and sent them into OSV for verification right at the show. How that turns out will be another report. But, I really do like their presentation format.

End of report for now.

==Looking for pre WW2 Commems in PCGS Rattler holders, 1851-O Three Cent Silvers in all grades

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