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Mint restrikes, Mickley restrikes

Since I started researching and writing coin books in 1990, one of my favorite subjects has always been restrikes.
My first book on Two cents has a few restrikes that greatly intrigued me to learn more.

One of my goals has always been on a book that just covered the restrikes. I covered many of the restrikes in their
respective series, but there are a few series I have not written on yet.

I spent the last 6 months just on the Mickley restrikes (1804 Large Cent, 1810 Large Cent, 1823 Large Cent, 1811 Half Cent)
I covered the archive records, I was lucky that I spent the last year in Boston and was able to research the Stickney papers,
found other cool relevant letters also, have gone through most of the auction catalogues for this period, and collecting
any other information relevant. I also read all information that has been printed on the Mickley restrikes. I also documented
all die stages for each of these varieties and present clear photos on these with detailed descriptions.

Seeing if anyone wants to read, I am looking for feedback and comments.
Once I feel it is finalized, will probably post up on coinzip for anyone to read and enjoy.
Not sure how long it will take me to complete a book on all restrikes so I figured it would be better to post
as I go.

The Mickley restrike section is 42 pages, a pdf, about 5 meg.


Kevin J Flynn


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