Winning 20 straight games is in the million to one range.

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Congratulations to The Indians if they make it tonight (up 2-0 in the eighth).

The odds would be reduced of course as Cleveland was a bit better than average team going into the streak. Still a remarkable accomplishment.


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    I have one question --- Will the Dodgers win a game before the Indians lose?? what is taking place with those two Teams at the same time right now is sort of remarkable.

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    Kershaw tonight. Dodgers winning, plenty of game left though.

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    and the Dodgers win!! I just hope that doesn't spell bad news for the Tribe. I just watched "MoneyBall" for the first time and it was OK for a Sports movie. today's game when the Indians go for the AL record will be at 12:10, about two hours from now, and you might enjoy the starter, Mike Clevinger. in an era of shaved heads he is a herky-jerky kind of guy, never looks like he's ready to pitch until he does. he has found his groove, though, with three games and 18 innings of scoreless ball during the Streak.

    my sister will be at the game with her husband, I'm heading down on Friday with my family to sit in the Bleachers.

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    Well 2 million to one now!

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    I hope the win out! I like records. :)

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    I hope they win out ALL year including the playoffs.....sweep sweep sweep!! :) B) >:)

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