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I have been a subscriber to the Bank Note Reporter since the very first issue. I have been thinking about dropping my subscription for about a year. It is one half price guide ( which I don't use ) and the rest is ads in which I am not interested along with a very few articles, with the best being the ones by Peter Huntoon. In the September issue I see a full page ad by Jitterbug flip phone and a full page ad for a male pill! Are you kidding me. They have made my decision for me. My subscription will soon expire and I will not renew.


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    I agree with you, Golden - I was stunned by the "non-numismatics ads" (to be polite) in the September issue. I've been a subscriber since 1980 and did recently renew for another 3 years however, if they keep this up, that will be the end for me, also. Ever since Krause sold out to F & W, BNR has gone right down the drain.

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    I let my subscription run out back in March......same reasons.

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    Jitterbug and male enhancement, hmm even BNR knows it's demographic of aging males.

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    Strongly agreed !!!

  • I've been on the fence with BNR for years. Particularly as a WPM collector, the content has always been quite thin. Alan Mincho's column was a good read and one of the reasons I hung on -- it was useful, IMO, to read informed reports and commentary on the goings on in the market. Once he left, there was virtually nothing for me. As an IBNS member, the IBNS Journal (and online forum) are vastly superior sources of information, as is this forum. A shame, but what can you do? The times change...

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    Still haven't got mine yet.

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    I gave BNR another chance two years ago. Had trouble getting even half the issues delivered. Customer support wasn't that helpful either. Decided it is not worth the hassle.

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    PCGS Currency use to advertise in every single BNR issue. They haven't done this since before I was inducted to the PCGS Currency Hall of Fame in 2013. I was kinda hoping to see my name in the BNR. :(

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  • Peter Huntoon is the ONLY reason I re-up this paper every two years. I have been a loyal subscriber since the late '80's. I get more info browsing a few pages of this or the other blogs than I can find in a years worth of BNR. I may hang it up as well.

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