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Few silvers, and some odd pieces

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On the way home from visiting my mom, decided to hit Silver Beach. Barely any easy targets, but there's still stuff there with a little bit of work. Started off with a bell - it reads on one side, "Ring the bells for the Star-Telegram" and the other "Over 30,000 daily Fort Worth Texas". It looks to date any time after 1909 when the Star-Telegram began using that name, but I couldn't find any other bells or anything else. What do you guys think?

Another odd thing is a pendant for Napoleon with 1853 on it. Found a similar one on eBay, which states it's some kind of Death memorial. Do you think it really dates to 1853? Seems odd to be wearing it in the 1940s or so where most of the old finds are dated.

Got two hem weights, two bullets (one reads 38 Colt NP, and at top, maybe R P?, junk cross, two junk pendants, 8 wheat cents (8 memorials too), clad quarter, new nickel, screwback earring, sterling religious pendant, busted merc, 6 spoons, including one for a Mary Pickford, who was an actress in the first half of the 1900s.

At the end of the hunt I was in an area with some shallow targets. Got a clad Washington right on the surface. A while later got another Washington right on the surface. Didn't think anything of it until I got it home and the rim looked solid rather than having the copper eaten away like clad does. Dropped it on the table and it sounded different too. Turns out it's silver! I think the date is 1943 but can't be sure. I guess what's happening is some parts above are getting washed out with the tides and it's revealing some goodies. Will have to check out that area again. Alright, long story, but a decent day. No gold though! Will give the Silver Beach a rest for a while.

HH all!


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