Which auction house is prefered for World Banknotes?

I have a 1941 Cabo Verde 50 Escudos note in VF with staple pin holes at each side margin. I cannot seem to find another that has sold that is not a Specimen, which has made putting a value to this piece quite hard. Would like to hear from those with more experience in this area before I send it off to just anyone.


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    Lyn Knight sells a lot of high end world notes.

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    I'd second the LKCA World notes vote.

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    Thats was my first choice as well, just wanted to get it backed up.

  • There are a lot of variables here. I can't speak to your specific note, but many serious collectors would want to see a super rartity in the flesh as it were before buying. Depending on the country, it might make a lot more sense to sell at Spink in London rather than than LK somewhere in the US. Are you a member of IBNS? You might want to post on that forum asking for advice. There are a number of European auction houses that might fit the bill as well. Again, it really depends on the specific market.


    I love buying from Lyn Knight because the specific European notes I'm after are selling for lower prices than HA.com ,Stack's and a lot of auctions in Europe, especially the raw ones, or the ones in the World Banknote Grading holders. As a seller however, I'd much prefer DNW (Dix Noonan Web) , Gartner and others. I would also recommend browsing sixbid.com : if said note is a hot item in Portugal, it would make sense to consign it to a European auction house, so that there won't be any missing bidders because of the hefty Customs fees.

    Still I gotta ask: what is the approx value of this note in this grade, that makes it eligible for sale by an auction house as a single item?



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