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Headed to an Amish farm tonight to do some detecting with a friend!

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Goin on first serious outing of the year tonight, two possible spots if time permits. Going to start out at an Amish farm- well its current occupants are Amish anyways. Its an old local farm site on side of hill along an old well traveled road that at one time was were an early settlement was located- I've heard there are many old abandoned foundations back in the woods. I'll probably stick to garden areas and farmhouse area tonight- ticks are bad around here and so is lime disease. I'm thinking a lot of old iron in the ground, maybe some old copper at best. Second site is some fresh dirt piles along St.Lawrence river were some construction work on a camp has been going on- area was notorious for smuggling back during prohibition era. Have to thank my friend and fellow detectorist Dave for setting up sites, hopefully we will both get the year off to a good start. Will share any interesting finds tomorrow , HH.


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    Wow...sounds like some very promising areas.... Best of luck....look forward to your reports. Cheers, RickO

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    Well had to scratch the river site plan first off-water still too high. Stopped at a lot where some type of old building once stood-my friend thought an old school house, but I never heard of it and building had been demolished years ago. Came up with a little battery money-about $1.86 for me- one wheat cent a 1944.
    We then headed out to the Amish farm, did not start with good news- the father told us another guy had detected the site last year, but he told us we were free to detect wherever we wanted. The family consisted of 13 kids, a wide range of ages- the young ones would provide the enthusiasm for the night anyways :smiley: . We started out in a plowed field with lots of pottery shards, but found basically nothing. Moved on to the areas around house, and again didn't find much. One of the kids mentioned the spot where their summer vegetable stand stood and it provided some battery money- about $1.50 or so in change. The kids helped me dig and I let them keep the coins found- clad quarters and memorial pennies- they were quite interested in it- guess it beat doing choirs.

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    Great story Kevin.... and seems it was a fun trip all around. Cheers, RickO

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    Good read and sounds like fun.


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    happy hunting for sure and keep us posted on your finds

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    nice returned ring story.


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