Post your inexpensive but interesting items

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To go with the appreciate inexpensive but interesting items thread, post your reasonably priced but interesting items.

Here's one of my favorite recent pickups. I just love looking at it.



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    @jwitten...That is unique.... I have never seen one like that before....Cheers, RickO

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    1876 cent...what was it used for

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    Two of the above coins deserve to be graded. The others I'd possibly save on sending them in unless you are doing a bulk handled lot.

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    @jtlee321.... truly unique lamination.... Cheers, RickO

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    @ricko said:
    @jtlee321.... truly unique lamination.... Cheers, RickO

    I wish it was mine!!! I'd love to have that one.

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    Elmars glue ruins so many stamps. Shame.

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    Pilgrim Clock and Gift Shop.. Expert clock repair since 1844

    Menomonee Falls Wisconsin USA">Musky 1861 Mint Set
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    @Twobitcollector said:
    1876 cent...what was it used for

    cheap contemporary coin chosen to be used as a makeshift washer, perhaps.

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    1876 is a rare date. Looks like it was custom fit for a turban wheel.

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    @WillieBoyd2 said:
    Lava Coin

    Italian coin pressed into a piece of volcanic lava and sold as a souvenir, probably to an American (WW2) serviceman.

    Given to me by a friend after I helped her sell a small coin collection.


    Very likely from the 1944 eruption of Mt Vesuvius. There were a lot of souvenirs created - this is a great one.

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    @silverpop said:
    well not too sure if this is interesting but it's a Apothecaries weight that i bought some years ago

    I have been wondering what that is. I have one as well

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    @CopperCollector said:
    Picked up cheap on ebay last month .... what would you say this is?

    Struck through rotated, late-stage die cap! Cool!

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    Hard Times token: Webster Credit Currency = smooth sailing
    Van Buren Metallic Currency = shipwreck
    This was free from Bruce Wonder at the last show (well, thrown in because I bought some other coins)

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    @jwitten said:
    This was relatively inexpensive:

    Just saw this thread from a recent one.
    I am scratching my head on this - is it a buck and a quarter? and did it have a use/purpose?

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    Bringin' the wood... B)

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    Hey 2Bitcollector
    That 1876 penny in all probability did service work as a button. Usually in that period, a leather loop was put thru the center hole and a knot tied, the loop was put thru a slit in the deerskin jacket and looped over a piece of bone or wood on the other side. Served 2 purposes, 1 to hold the vest or jacket together and 2 to keep money secure as pockets weren't usually in vogue then. Additionally , Indians used small coins on the neck and shoulder areas of their clothing as jewelry whereas holes in the rim areas were used as adornments for necklaces and bracelets.
    Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs

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    Interesting to me anyway. Tapered planchet, 28 cents in bulk bag of Buffalos

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