Old brick stacked at the base of a tree, any idea why?

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Looking around my property, which was a 1,000+ acre farm for about 150 years, I found two large trees with old red bricks at the base, just barely below soil and at least 6" deep of bricks. Another smaller tree (~12" at base) is also growing right beside the big one, touching at the base, and the young tree is growing over many bricks, entwined under roots. There is a small spring, more like wet marsh, close. However, there is a larger spring about 50' away. I haven't put a detector to it but any idea what it could be?

I thought a spring structure but the bricks are only by the tree. Another tree about 20' away has bricks around it too with a large white rock sitting on top. Only the white rock is above soil, and just a bit of it.


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    I have a whites v3i. I'll take it out tonight swing it a few times see what happens

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    I pulled up hundreds of red clay bricks from my yard once, around the house, trees and walkways.
    Wondered how to dispose of them?
    Checked the yard with detector and found modern coins.
    Ended up posting a sign at a yardsale.....'OLD BRICKS 10 cents each" and sold them all. :smile:

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    That White's V3i is a superb machine... if there is anything there, you will find it... keep us posted. Cheers, RickO

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    @ricko said:
    Often bricks - or other stones - were put in rings around trees as decoration... people still do that when they are small.... That being said, with the history of your property, I would definitely get a good metal detector out there...Old property often has some hidden treasure....Cheers, RickO

    I remember seeing that more often when I was a kid, but hardly ever anymore.

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    Maybe a buried pet.

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    or, the spot for an old out house?


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    @jessewvu.... any report on what was under the bricks??? Any signals? Cheers, RickO

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    long time no post... Was busy with work and decided to read some posts here to get my MD fix, sorry for the delay. I didn't have any good hits around the trees, There were a few other brick stacks around other trees in the area , I think i got them all but metal nearby. I think i need to get my detector out and start using it again... Maybe I should do a larger grid around that area instead of a 3' search from the trunk.

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    Yep...maybe triangulate the various trees with bricks around them and search in the central area.... Cheers, RickO

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    Thanks, I'll give it a shot when i have some free time with my super 12... This property is so old (was a 1500 acre farm with 225 acres behind me) there has to be something in the ground. We found a dozen horse shoes in a small section of the creek bed and I found an Indian cent back in the woods in about 1/8th of an inch of dirt. i just can't find the time to get out in my own back yard :(

  • Try the shade area under the trees

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    @pocketpiececommems said:
    Try the shade area under the trees

    Yep, even today, we still enjoy the shade from large trees :smile:. Maybe someone had a picnic decades ago and lost some coins or jewelry.

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    Well, I found some time to swing the detector today. Pics of a rock pile but no targets.

    I did find a rough large cent and a flat button in the hour I was out there.

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    Those trees seem fairly young... most intentionally buried items would be found by older trees....The picture could be deceptive, but they look 35-50 years old.... and those brick pieces seem almost random. Cheers, RickO

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    I moved the bricks around to get deeper. The little spring is just to the left of the picture

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