I picked up a sweet $50 today!!

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I was very blessed to pick this up at a shop today! I think it's got a shot at VF35. It is the first signature combination for the series and the face plate and back plate are both #1 how cool!!! :)

photo IMG_20170203_0004_zpsrdijin1y.jpg
photo IMG_20170203_0003_zpsl95npyux.jpg


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    Wow! These are my favorite types of findings! I'm envious! This is a nice note! I love strong VF/XF notes with softer folds! That's a beautiful note!

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    Collecting small-size star notes.
    Mishawaka, IN
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    Sweet! Them $50's are on fire....I brought 6 of them to FUN and sold them all-none of them were as nice as this note though.Hey Rob,maybe you should stay away from large size for a while......you know,to give us slower folks a chance(lol).

    Collector of numeral seals.That's the 1928 and 1928A series of FRNs with a number rather than a letter in the district seal. Owner/operator of Bottom Line Currency
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    nice note, i like

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    How cool ? :)
    Very cool !!! B)

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    Nice addition Robert, congratulations.

    AKA Steve in Tampa

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    Tookie, this $50 FRN qualifies for the coveted "Gem VF" grade. To make it less conspicuous, rub some grease on it, wash it up good, and then press it flat. There. Now it's a typical Large Size $50 FRN.

    "Specializing in Small Size US currency but likely to buy anything high grade or interesting".
  • Nothing like Originality for the large banknotes... that's a NICE one you have there

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    Nice pickup

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